International Teams go head to head within 5 Challenge Categories that will test these global tactical and weaponry professionals for the purpose of encouraging exchange of techniques and promote the high level of tactical skills, mental focus and physical endurance possessed by SWAT Teams. The challenge will take place within Dubai SWAT Training Facility across a world class setting.

This event is highly unique for the world and an exciting initiative for many reasons. It shows an incredible commitment by Dubai to pursue the highest level of the policing practice. It offers a very special opportunity for the UAE to witness and understand the incredible level of skill possessed by these top-level policing professionals in the spirit of collaboration, exchange of ideas, mutual positive values, solidarity and respect.

Challenge information

  • 1 As leaders in high level policing and in the spirit of tactical camaraderie, Dubai Police will host The UAE SWAT Challenge, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • 2 The UAE SWAT Challenge will take place in Dubai, UAE from the 20th until the 24th of Feb 2023.
  • 3 Dubai Police have enjoyed a reputation for being a leader in law enforcement, highly effective across all spectrums of law and order, protection, control and maintenance of order. Besides Dubai’s pursuit of the most advanced technology in crime prevention, policing and forensics, the Dubai SWAT team is a tactical force of strategy and endurance that ranks with the world’s best.
  • 4 The Challenge is designed to create cooperation between all SWAT Teams on a global level and for members to participate in fact-based scenarios; in an effort to create best practices in a friendly environment